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Demuelenaere Kris
  -    -  Demuelenaere Kris

Kris Demuelenaere

Artist sculptor

I make authentic sculptures that trigger your emotions.

  • Emotions that capture your imagination when you see and discover the sculpture from different angles…
  • Emotions that prompt you to touch and feel the stone…
  • Emotions that surprise you when the hardness of the stone reveals its softness.

While designing my sculptures, I search for the fascinating combination of mass and tension, spontaneous lines and cuts, a play of light and shadow, which through its complementarity melts into a harmonious whole.

I opt for natural stone for the creation of my abstract sculptures. Stones that show their authenticity through their beautiful veining or imperfections and fractures. Shine light on the sculptures and you will discover that they are alive. They light up and reveal another facet of themselves repeatedly.

My abstract sculptures enable the viewer to give his own interpretation.

Enter into a dialogue and be surprised by the duality, ambivalence and range of emotions.


Creating has always been my passion. Even as a child, I was already hammering away, trying to build and repair things. Working with wood was my favourite creative outlet back then.

After college I had to make a difficult choice … I was thinking of studying Product design or attending a business school. Since I was predestined to take over the family business, the artistic direction wasn’t really an option out of which I could choose. After successfully graduating as a Master in Economics, I had a flourishing business career. But over the years the need to balance this professional life with an artistic outlet came more and more to the surface.

In 2003 I started a painting course at ‘Huis de Meester’. A course that I have followed for many years and through which Nathalie de Meester taught me all the painting techniques. First through painting still lives and using the paint brush. Later by using a palette knife. This eventually led to making abstract paintings using thick layers of oil paint and giving the paintings a sculptural effect.

The predilection for abstract organic forms and lines I put in paintings got a new dimension when I started to sculpt. I felt a need to bring a kind of tangibility to my work.

From the beginning it was clear to me that I wanted to work in natural stone. It is such a precious and timeless product and each type of stone has its own characteristic of layers or veins which gives it already an artistic value. Discovering what history is inside the stone and making it visible gives me great satisfaction.

Every sculpture is a new adventure in exploring this natural material and reveal piece by piece the hidden sculpture inside and its wonderful patterns.

When I create a model for a sculpture, I do not have a predefined idea in my mind. I start modelling and my creations take form spontaneously and intuitively.

It is each time a search for the exciting combination of mass and tension, fluid curves and cutting edges, a gameplay of light and shadow, abstraction and simplicity. My purpose is to create unique sculptures making use of authentic and yet so rich natural materials. With my sculptures I do not intend to guide the spectator, but leave the interpretation open … Using a form language which triggers our emotions, encourages us to touch, to admire, to dream and to ignite our fantasy.

I am very grateful that I got to learn to sculpt from very skilled sculptors. They guided and trained me to discover my very own personal sculpture language.

My sculptor masters
Karel Van Roy (Belgium, Beernem)
Pierre Van Herreweghe (Belgium, Brugge)
Franck Poupel (France, Eygalières)
Beny De Backer (Belgium, Brugge)

09/2021: Group exhibition ‘Kunst in het Dorp’ (Curator Bellinghaim) – Kasteelklooster Ter Loo, Bellingen
07-08/2021: Galerie KUNST-KLASSE, Houtave (Curator Jenny Verplanke)
01/05/2022: Group exhibition – TaLe Art Gallery, Vlierzele

04/2020: ‘Comedie van het menselijk tekort’ (Air Biekorf 4.0, curator Geertje Vangenechten) – Cultuurcentrum Brugge

03/2019: ‘Welcome to my World of Sculpture’ (BuitenBeeld, curator Luc Michils) – Cultuurcentrum Scharpoord, Knokke-Heist

10/2018: ‘Neighbours at the Artists‘ – Rozendal 10, Brugge
03/2018: ‘Friends of the Master‘ – Belfort, Brugge

06/2016: Galerie Sabine Van Paemel – Leke (Diksmuide)
02/2016: ‘Friends of the Master‘ – Belfort, Brugge

11/2015: ‘Friends of the Master‘ – Belfort, Brugge

10/2014: ‘Neighbours at the Artists‘ – Rozendal 10, Brugge

09/2013: ‘Friends of the Master‘ – Belfort, Brugge