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I am Tanja Leys.
Nice to meet you.

TaLe Art Gallery brings art to Sint-Lievens-Houtem…

What’s in a name? The answer is threefold.
TaLe: a fairy tale in the world of art, a new story, a new challenge, a new sound with which founder/owner Tanja Leys is fulfilling her ultimate dream.
TaLe: Tanja Leys.
TaLe Art Gallery: a nod to the Tate Gallery in London.

Who, what and how?
Skills such as entrepreneurship, persuasiveness, communication, networking… crucial to the success of her story, Tanja Leys brought it with her from a successful sales career as an engineer in the pharmaceutical and medical sector. She exchanged the tough business life for the passionate, sensitive, adventurous and challenging world of art.
Ratio makes way for feelings and beauty.

Connecting and experiencing are THE key words for TaLe Art Gallery.
The gallery not only wants to visualize and disseminate art, the ultimate goal is connecting, connecting kindred spirits, artists, art lovers, styles, souls, interests, religions, tastes, cultures… you name it. ‘Art connects’. TaLe Art Gallery is open for communication, exchange of ideas and discussion. Tanja goes for Art with a Conscience.

Tanja Leys: “My passion to start this Gallery goes beyond my initial passion for art and design.” The gallery chooses for accessible, original art with a touch of mystery, art that inspires, art that makes the viewer smile, art open for interpretation.

The experience process is an important driver. Tanja Leys opts for an atmosphere where artistic disciplines crosspollinate. TaLe Art Gallery brings visual art, music and poetry under one roof. The gallery is set-up as a large artistic discovery platform where evening and aperitif concerts (jazz, classical and/or listening music) are organized in a stylish visual arts setting. Announcements for these events can be found on the website and social media. With this ‘art pool’ TaLe Art Gallery also tries to increase interest in art in Sint-Lievens-Houtem.

TaLe Art Gallery also wants to focus on the future by offering art activities for children, in a nearby relaxing location.
Children are an ideal breeding ground for igniting curiosity which could grow in an real ‘art itch’.

TaLe Art Gallery takes the viewer along in the story of artwork and artist, wants to move him or her, and makes him or her think. It needs to be An Artist’s Story.

By Kathleen Ramboer

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