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Decuypere Inge
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Inge Decuypere

Visual artist

The happy science of Inge

This is how she puts her ‘pursuits’ in and outside her studio.
Literary sources and philosophical texts are the basis of her collages, wall objects and installations. She processes and edits this rich content. Inge understands the art of capturing sentences in images. She thinks and looks abstractly. Essential phrases become form. She uses light and sober materials, which she sometimes already ‘finds’ to appropriate with a small intervention or a patina. You feel a great freedom in making.
She translates the pleasure of reading (literature) and looking (landscapes) into collages that she then works out larger in painted aluminum. Seemingly carelessly assembled pieces of aluminum sometimes take up an entire wall. There is always a willed nod, an unexpected turn that puts the heaviness into perspective. You can also see this in her smaller work.

There is a playful wisdom, an optimism. Generous is her invitation to the viewer to ‘play along’ in that other aspect, her interactive work. She kindly takes you into her engagement; with a puzzle object, the colorful curling ball game ‘Allez Roulez’ or movable magnetic slats. Here, the spectator becomes a participant. How liberating that is!
Her oeuvre is a fascinating inspiring journey that I love to keep following.

Isa D’hondt


My happy science

When asked ‘where would you like to live’, Claude Debussy replied, “Anything, as long as it is outside the world”. This ‘outside the world’ and an innate love for the image are the basis of my ‘being busy’.

The ‘imagining’ of Michel de Montaigne’s Essays, is to this day, along with other literary Aha-erlebnisms, the basis of my visual language. Wanting to remember, preserve, effect, obtain and share these contents are for me an opportunity to act ‘outside the world’ whether engaged or not.

The poetry, recognition, acknowledgement I find in this philosophical literature, rather interweaves with a second track in my visual work, working by perception. Here, looking, colour, light, atmosphere, space, form affinities, contrasts, are the basis for going on an adventure with paint. The process takes over here, the process, where toil and doubt go hand in hand with success and pleasure. In this process, chance is an important companion. This perception grew from working ‘en plein air’ to working with ‘views’. In the final results, I quite often read ‘a way’, a ‘being’ that suits me and goes along with the form.

Master in Painting – KASK Koninklijke Academie voor Schone Kunsten, Gent
Teacher in Painting – Academy for Visual Arts, Gent (DKO)

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