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Claus Matthieu
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Matthieu Claus

Visual artist

Matthieu Claus is a Belgian artist who discovers the beauty and potential of waste. He observes and collects materials from industrial scrap yards, transforming them into fictional landscapes that explore the border between abstraction and figuration. His paintings are an expression of his thought processes, which he translates into colorful and layered compositions. He scrapes, repaints and reuses layers, creating a balance and depth that invites the viewer to construct their own story.

In his recent work, Claus draws inspiration from the graffiti scene and the urban environment. He plays with hidden patterns and contrasts, giving his work a playful and dynamic feel. He also demonstrates his interest in geometry and form, a passion he initially developed during his studies at KASK Ghent, where he obtained his master’s degree in fine arts.

In this exhibition, Claus presents a selection of his recent works that testify to his artistic evolution and experimental approach. He invites us to enter his fictional landscapes and enjoy the visual and emotional experiences they offer.

Yves Joris, art critic


Matthieu Claus, born 1977 in Kortrijk (lives in Ghent, works in Kortrijk) obtained his master’s degree in visual arts, option fine Arts at KASK Ghent. The observation of the chaos on construction sites, industrial sites with twisted steel plates, concrete chunks with cast iron and discarded metals form the basis of the artist’s visual language. His paintings start from twisted thoughts and are constructed from landscape layers of color and shades through which he assigns meaning to that which has become useless. Layers are scraped off and then painted over and reused. He constructs, deconstructs and simplifies the image until he finds a balance with color. The artist explores the boundary between the figurative and the abstract.

In his early work, the artist was mainly looking for a geometrically shaped visual language. The recent work, on the other hand, is inspired by the graffiti scene and daily impressions during travels and walks through the city. The hidden patterns give his work more playfulness and depth.

2001: Teacher training – KASK Gent
1998: Erasmus exchange, atelier painting with Gijs Frieling – Minerva Academy, Groningen (NL)
1997-2000: Master in Visual Arts, option Fine Arts – KASK Gent

Summer salon ‘Buy Local’  – Kunsthal Gent
‘Discover Monthly #3’, with drawings by John Anrijs, Griet Verhaert, Robert Neyt, Annick Daniels, Matthieu Claus, Martine Platteau, Annie Guns, Sona Sahakian, Koen Schipper, Mireille Michiels, Smet Lydia, Linda Hooiveld & Christel Craeghs – Kunstwerkt

‘Palimpsest #1’,YOC (curator Eva Wuytjens) with Charel Pycke, Matthieu Claus, Jo Michiels, Femke Nijs, Kati Laforce, Christophe Dehaene, Helga Gillijns, Griet Vanhumbeek, Maaike Beckx, Jessie Georges, Petrus Vanlessen, Tamara de Perst, Wim Baes, Ilse Pierard, Tim Trenson, Sam Dendooven, Bart Boussemaere – Galerie Dessers, Hasselt
‘Post—Art from the Edge #2’ (curator Diepsee Artists’ Initiative) – Oostende
‘Installation’, group show with paintings by Matthieu Claus, Christine Marchand, Anne Van Outryve, Robine Clignett, Jean De Groote, Jeroen Daled, Jeton Muja, Hans Defer , Johan Clarysse, Hervé Martijn & Philip Henderickx – S&H De Buck Galerie, Gent

‘Behind the Glass’, online project (curator Jonas Vansteenkiste)

‘Catalogus ’, group show, room in NEST – City Library , Gent

‘Art & Creation’, former students KSO – VTI, Kortrijk

‘Art Transfo’, 1st Biennale Current Belgian Art, (curator Hugo Brutin)
‘Truc-Troc 6th edition’ – Bozar, Brussel

‘Under Tension’, group exhibition – Transfo, Zwevegem

‘Artists with a Heart’ – Party Hall Cortina, Wevelgem
‘Graphics’, D’haene Jan, Vermaut Inge, Desmet Andries, Claus Matthieu – Downstairs Gallery, Kortrijk

Ignace De Vos, Dave Meyer, Dirk Lamote, Matthieu Claus – Gallery Montanus 5, Diksmuide

2022: Awarded as a YOC Value ‘Favorite Artist’ – Galerie Desserts
2020: Selection Five-yearly National Prize for Painting Louise Dehem – Ypres
2018: Selection Art Competition ‘Abstract Painting’ – Heist-op-den-Berg
2015: Selection Art Competition ‘Abstract Painting’ – Heist-op-den-Berg
2014: Selection Prize of the Landscape – Kuurne
2012: Selection Provincial Prize for Painting – Zwevegem
2011: Selection Prize of Buggenhout, Art Prize Pieter Vanneste
2010: Selection Kunstsalon Sant – Brugge
2010: Selection 10th Maurits Naessens Prize for Painting – Meise
2010: Selection Truc Troc – Bozar, Brussel
2010: 3rd Prize, Internal. Competition, Price vh. Landscape – Kuurne
2010: Selection Provincial Competition for Painting – Middelkerke
2009: 1st Prize, Art Prize Cantecroy ‘Twists’ – Mortsel
2008: 1st Prize K3Art for Painting – Zwevegem
2007: Selection Arnoevoo – Bredene
2006: Selection Internal. Competition, Price vh. Landscape – Kuurne
2005: Selection Prize for Drawing and Graphic Art – Harelbeke
2004: Selection for Art Prize – Erpe-Mere,
2003: Selection Grand Prize for Drawing – Ronse
2003: Honorable Mention, Choosing Art – Kortrijk
2002: Selection Internal. Competition, Price vh. Landscape – Kuurne
2002: 1st Prize Young Artists of West Flanders drawing and painting – Zwevegem
2002: Honorable Mention, Grand Prize Drawing – Ronse,
2001: Selection Prize Drawing and Graphics – Harelbeke
2001: Selection Stimulans – Kortrijk
1994: Selection Olympism and Art, BOIC