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Avelino Babi
  -    -  Avelino Babi

Babi Avelino

Visual artist

Babi AVELINO was born in São Paulo, Brazil, in 1975. She directs her artistic research around a profound exploration of her relationship with the surrounding world, while incorporating her cultural influences. Her committed projects delve into recurring themes such as indigenous peoples, dreams, spirituality, and popular traditions. What particularly attracts the artist is the intersection of cultural influences and disciplines, thereby creating a dialogue about our constantly evolving world.

Graduating in communication sciences from the Universidade Paulista in São Paulo in 1999, she later chose Europe as a field for artistic expression, where she has resided for 24 years. Through various media, Babi shapes a unique artistic universe that questions the boundaries between cultures and dimensions of humanity. Currently, she lives and works in Liège, Belgium, where her art continues to progress.


Babi Avelino, born Barbara Ferreira de Avelino in 1975 in Sao Paulo, Brazil, is a multidisciplinary artist based in Liège, Belgium. Her work explores the intersections between photography, video, installation, and artistic mediation.

Her artistic journey is marked by prestigious collective and solo exhibitions, such as her solo exhibition “Transferida” at the Koninklijke Academie Voor Beeldende Kunst in December 2021, as well as her latest installation “Pindorama,” showcased at the collective exhibition “Chroniques Digitales et Temporelles” at Galerie Rature in Liège in March 2024.

Beyond her involvement in artistic projects, Babi has also been actively engaged in mediation and artistic co-creation projects, as well as in the creation of documentary films. This underscores her commitment to sharing her expertise and exploring collaboration opportunities with other artists and communities.

Her work has been recognized both nationally and internationally, with publications in prestigious magazines such as FRAGMENTED in New York and the “Documentary” journal in Paris. As an artist-curator, she has also contributed to invigorating the artistic scene by organizing exhibitions and educational projects, demonstrating her dedication to the cultural and artistic development of her community.

Graduating with a degree in Social Communication from the Universidade Paulista in Sao Paulo, Babi has also pursued additional training in documentary filmmaking, artistic supervision, and cultural marketing, thus enriching her artistic practice and professional commitment.

February to June 2012 / Practical Seminar / Creative Documentary / Thierry Michel / University of Liège (ULiège)

2012 to 2014 / Transdisciplinary Workshop / Royal Academy of Fine Arts of Liège, BE

2011 Clust’art / Artist Supervision and Professional Activity / Liège, BE

2003 to 2004 / Earthworking Techniques / CEC Province of Liège, BE

July 1999 / Seminar – Cultural Marketing / Kavantan Associados e Produções / BR

1995 to 2000 / Bachelor’s Degree / Social Communication / Universidade Paulista / BR

Solo exhibitions

Exhibition “Transferida” / Koninklijke Academie Voor Beeldende Kunst / Oudenaarde, BE

Exhibition “Kalos, artist wallpaper” / Les Bouchers Verts / Liège, BE

“Porã-Katu” / photographic installation / Maison de Laïcité de Liège, BE

“Cores du Xingu” touring / photographs and video:
* Historical and Artistic Museum Victor Sadowki / Cananéia – SP, Brazil
* India Vanuîre Museum / Tupã- SP, Brazil
* Art Museum of Caraguatatuba – SP, Brazil
* West Paulista City Museum – SP, Brazil
* State Museum of Paraná -SC, Brazil

Photographs “Amazonien” and video “Paix artificielle” / Biennale du Design de Liège / Green Gallery of Cinéma Churchill / Liège, BE

“Mensagens” itinerant photographic installation:
* Courtyard of the St. Luc School / Liège, BE
* Senghor Space, Brussels, BE
* House of Latin America, Brussels, BE
* Cultural Center St. Georges S/ Meuse, BE
* ZuiderPersHuis Cultural Center in Antwerp, BE
* International Biennial of Photography / Liège, BE

Group exhibitions

Installation “Pindorama” / exhibition: “Digital and Temporal Chronicles / digital arts call for projects from the City of Liège / Rature Gallery / Liège, Belgium.

“The video-installation “Manheee” / exhibition: “Hold the Thread, Break the Thread” / Flux Gallery / Liège, Belgium.

“Mameluca” generative image and installation / BLEU collective exhibition proposed by the New Ink Doll collective / Circle of Fine Arts / Liège, Belgium.

“La Potale” Permanent installation / [ADDENDA] Route / Invitation from curator Philippe Braem / Oudenarde, Belgium.

Almost Human, the Illusion of Understanding, immersive installation / CyFest 15 / Duo with artist Ronald Dagonnier / Yeveran, Armenia.

Installation / collective exhibition “[auto]portrait au féminin” / Contemporary Art Center – La Chataigneraie, Flémalle, Belgium.

Video-installation with videos: “Dopamina” “Illuminations” and “The Dive”, / Osmose / Cultural Center of Chênée / Liège, Belgium.

Installation “Transferida” / invitation from curator Philippe Braem / Art au Centre #8 / Shop window Rue Cheravoir 5 / Liège, Belgium.

“All Love Stories Are Corny”, photo collage // Auctions for undocumented migrants / Maison Arc-en-ciel / Liège, Belgium.

Video “Rage” with Collective 5+ / Vidéoformes / Module#5 / Clermont-Ferrand, France.

Video Installation “Illuminations” / InnerSpace Project / Grand Curtius Museum / Liège, Belgium.

Photo-audio Installation “New Preciosities” / Socles Expo / Garden of the Boverie Museum / Liège, Belgium.

Residency project with Collective 5+ / ElleS / Maison Arc-en-Ciel de Liège / Liège, Belgium.

Residency Project with Collective 5+ / Art au Centre #2 / Liège, Belgium.

“Rosa Bonheur”, photographic triptych / exhibition: “Put on Your Condom!” / Maison Arc-en-Ciel de Liège, Belgium.

Co-founder of Collective 5+, with artists Roberta Sucato and Emilia Bellon, Liège, Belgium.

Video installation “Dopamina” / Virtual Brasil Festival / Barcelona, Spain.

Photography “Ruber roseus” / “Auberge Espagnol” collective “La table est servie” / Le Hangar / Liège, Belgium.

Sound installation: “Smell me” / “Human Nature” / Greenhouses of the Botanical Garden of Liège, Belgium.

Photographed performance & video installation “Cruzeiro do Sul” / Space 7 / Liège, Belgium.

Photographic installation “Novas realidades” / “Amaze me” / Botanical Garden of Liège, Belgium.

“Segundo” textile installation / “Maow Expo # 2” / La Vallée / Brussels, Belgium.

“Novas realidades” / Virtual exhibition / Galerize / São Paulo, Brazil.

“Oriundi” poems; textile installation / Transdisciplinary / Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Liège / MAMAC / Liège, Belgium.

Photographic installation “Mensagens” / 5th International Biennial of Photography and Visual Arts of Liège, Belgium.

New Space / “Autobiografia” Project with the NGO Le Monde des Possibles, as part of the grant “Un futur pour la Culture” with the Collective5+ , Liège, BE

Exhibition “Auberge Espagnol” / scenography & selection / exhibition of photographers from the collective “la Table est servie” / Le Hangar / Liège, BE

February 2012 / “Peuples d’Amazonie” / scenography & selection: exhibition and development education project / Municipality of Fontaine L’Évèque, BE

February 2006 / “Traditions et Modernité” / scenography & selection / exhibition / conferences / video festival and concerts / 5th International Biennial of Photography of Liège / Les Chiroux Cultural Center Liège. BE. With support from, among others: “Théâtre à l’école – Les Chiroux”, Annoncer la Couleur, United Nations, Casa Nicaragua, ASBL Identité Amérique Indienne, Faculty of Philosophy of the ULG, Maison de l’Amérique Latine, Center for Cultural Education and Production of the University of Brasilia, NGO ICRA International Belgium, NGO Nossa Tribo, NGO Video nas Aldeias, NGO Gosto de Brazil and Rota Brasil do Oeste.

September 2005 / Romanesque Festivities / scenography / Amazon area / Wolubilis / Brussels, BE

Mediation and artistic co-creation

• November 2020. Artist in residence as part of the reboot – Laboratoire des arts numériques // Development, coordination of a residency with teenagers around the theme of ecology. Videographic co-creation.

• September 2020. Artist in co-creation for exhibitions at the Les Brasseurs art center // Development, coordination, and co-organization of multidisciplinary artistic workshops for children.

• March 2018. Cultural project manager at “Espace 7” // Development, coordination, and co-organization of an occasional philosophical café: “From reality to emotion, when and how can photography be considered more than a journalistic image.” Philosophical questioning around photography with the participation of photographer and professor Jean Janssis, researcher and curator Daniella Géo, and collector Hamid Hafil.

• 2016 to 2017. Responsible for educational and artistic animation at the MUS-e Belgium non-profit organization // Development (writing and implementation) of 5 projects around visual arts for 5 primary and nursery schools in Wallonia: Nonceveux Communal School (With children from the Refugee Center), Outre-Meuse Communal School in Huy, Naniot Communal Elementary School, Agimont-Waroux Elementary School, Sainte Anne d’Hastière School. Also at the Red Cross Center in Ans.

• 2014 to 2015. Artist animator for LESSAC/Atelier 04 – holiday period // Development of artistic workshops for children, focusing on cultural diversity. Using tools such as video, photography, and digital collage.

Documentaries of creation

2010/2012 “A Visita do Rei”: “In 1964, a Belgian king visited the indigenous reserve of Xingu in Brazil. 45 years after this visit, with her camera and some photos from that time, Babi Avelino sets out to meet these characters, witnesses of this little-known history. This film documents the past while drawing a current audiovisual portrait of this highly emblematic region in Brazil.” 30 minutes. (Distribution: EloCOMPANY SP)


*October 2011 Fondation Folon / Europalia Brazil / Brussels, BE

*November 2011 Museu India Vanuire / Tupã / SP, BR

*November 2011 CineClubista de São Paulo, BR

*December 2011 Institut Supérieur d’arts Saint Luc Liège, BE

*July 2012 – Award for Best Direction at “Festival MUBE Vitrine Independente” SP, BR

*November 2012 – Opening Screening at the Brazilian Film Festival of Luxembourg, LU

2006-2009 “Elo”: “This film is not the first documentary about the Upper Xingu and its peoples. Compared to all others, it stands out by simply tracing, through various perspectives, a portrait of the very fragile relationship between the inhabitants of indigenous villages on one hand, and the rural and urban world of the state of Mato Grosso on the other.” 54 minutes. (Distribution: EloCOMPANY/SP)


*April 2008 – Maison de l’Amérique Latine in Brussels, BE

*June 2008 – Mostra Video Indio Brasil – Mato Grosso do Sul, BR

*July 2008 – Festival Snks – Boechout, BE

*September 2008 – “20th Anniversary of the NGO Icra International” Evening – Paris, FR

*May 2009 – Espace “Article 23” Le Vol au-dessus – Liège, BE

*October 2009 – Itinéraires Festival in Brussels, BE

*December 2009 – Special program on TéléVesdre channel / Verviers, BE

*March 2010 – Espace Senghor – WE Icra Belgium / Brussels, BE

*March 2010 – Le Hangar – WE Brazil – Liège, BE

*April 2010 – De PianoFabriek – Belgo-Brazilian Committee Evening / Brussels, BE

*April 2010 – “A’UWE” program on TV Cultura channel / São Paulo, BR

*February 2011- “Online Festival” Between Santos, Trancoso » / Bahia, Brazil.

*March 2011 – ARTE 7 Space / São Paulo, BR

*March 2011 – Centro CineClubista de São Paulo, BR

2004-2005 “São 9.859, 47km”: is an independent documentary-video, shot in Brazil and Belgium, whose title relates the precise distance between the city of Liège and the metropolis of São Paulo: two cities, on either side of the Atlantic, where the “Belgian-Brazilian” artist lives and works. 62 minutes. (Independent Distribution)


*August 2005 – Sfinks Festival / Boechout, BE

*November 2005 – Méli-mélo Evening / Casa Nicaragua in Liège, BE

*November 2005 – Mostra Audiovisual Paulista / São Paulo, BR

*May 2006 – Casa do Brasil – Embassy of Brazil in Brussels, BE

*April 2006 – “Feira Audiovisual Viaxes na Lusofonia” / Galicia, ES

*June 2006 – Gandáia das Ondas / Themed Evening / São Paulo, BR

*June 2006 – Associação Cairucú / Themed Evening / Paraty / Rio de Janeiro, BR

*January 2008 – PAC de Jupille / Latin American Festival / Liège, BE

*June 2009 – FestiVisé / Visé, BE

May 2022 / Showcase “Transferida” / L’Art Même Magazine, Belgium

November 2020 / Photography Project “Mythical Transneptunians” / FRAGMENTED Magazine, NY, USA

June 2016 / Documentaire 26-27 Review / “Filming Alone” / Photographs & Interview / Paris, FR

January 2014 / Book “Brazil and Belgium: 5 Centuries of Connection and Interaction” / University of Louvain / Eddy Stols / Photographs & Text / Louvain, BE

October 2011 / Talk. MAG #16 / Photographs & Interview / Liège, BE

March 2010 / Book “10MG” / Zuleika Testone / Photographs & Interview / London, UK

May 2000 / “LE SOIR” / Intern Photographer / Brussels, BE

1996 to 1999:

* Freelance Photographer for “NOTÍCIAS POPULARES”, São Paulo, Brazil

* Nighttime Photographer of Avenue Paulista / “Brascard” (Postcards), São Paulo, Brazil

* Photographer for “CAPOEIRA” Magazine, São Paulo, Brazil

* Assistant Photographer at “BUSATO” Studio, São Paulo, Brazil

* Intern at “BAUER” Photographic Studio, São Paulo, Brazil